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Foundation Course

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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course

This is for you, if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or ‘just too tired’. Lighten your load and regain your mojo with this easy-to-learn self-help tool. This workshop is about self-empowerment, healing and re-energizing yourself and others.


Come learn how you can experience more joy and increase positivity in your daily life with tapping! Open to everyone, whether you already know how to tap or not, this is a great starting point for complete beginners. Also suitable for existing EFT users or practitioners who want to develop their skills and become Energists.


The Energy EFT Foundation is a prerequisite for Energy EFT Master Practitioner and Energy Trainer certification.  Training takes place over One Day, typically starting at 10am with breaks for coffee and lunch, ending at 5pm.

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Course content
Four units

As a qualified Energist and Trainer with the Guild of Energists (GOE), I offer:

Unit One: Introduction to Energy EFT

Introduces the history of Energy EFT, what it’s all about and the how to start Tapping.

Unit Two: The Energy Billionaire

Explains the different states of the Energy Body, what it needs to become stronger, happier and healthier and how we can draw on energies from nature, animals, even colours.

Unit Three: From Problems to Solutions

How to manage Real Life Stress, release negative emotions and stay energized. Powerful Set Ups to convert problems into solutions.

Unit Four: Energy EFT for Two – and More!

Now you can tap for yourself, you’ll learn how to share Energy Tapping with a friend, partner or a group, or with your children, whatever their age.

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£180 includes training materials (colour Energy EFT Foundation Manual), Attendance Certificate and (if you’re not already a member), Standard Membership of the Guild of Energists (GOE) for one full year (extended if you’ve already joined).

Registration & Payment:

to ensure your ENERGY EFT FOUNDATION COURSE MANUAL arrives in time, registration and payment is required a minimum of 3 weeks prior to commencement date. Payment is kindly accepted via online or bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy:

You will be reserved the right to a full refund during the first 14 days after your payment has been received. Thereafter, no refunds are possible. However 100% of your fee will be credited towards your book of either a future course or private EFT consultation sessions within 12 months of the date of cancellation.

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