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"I was so comfortable, I fell asleep!"

I had a delicious hour long Jikiden Reiki treatment with Hopes Holistic Health. I felt so comfortable I fell asleep! Although I didn’t have any specific problems before hand, I certainly felt much more relaxed by the time I left!”



"Michaela is knowledgable & passionate"

“Michaela is very knowledgeable and passionate about the modality and the course is easy to understand and fun. Very enjoyable day – I learned some tools that I feel will be very effective”



"I enjoyed having a one to one experience"

"I enjoyed having a one-to-one experience today as I felt comfortable to explore EFT on my own personal level. I can definitely apply the skills learned today on myself and my children and can already see how this will benefit our connection as a family and how to handle stress. Michaela is a lovely, warm person who makes the experience a special one”



"Really interesting and informative"

“Thank you for a really interesting and informative day. I feel really inspired now to bring this into my life, every day”



"I was truly amazed how accurate it was"

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an iridology session with Michaela. Her approach was very professional and personalized. She took the time to understand my health concerns and lifestyle habits before examining my irides. She explained to me the different markings and colours in my irides, connecting them to specific body systems and potential areas of strength or weakness. I was truly amazed how accurate it all was. Iridology is fascinating and I highly recommend giving it a go"



"Her interpretation of my health was fantastic"

"I have been wanting my irides to be interpreted for many years and was pleased when Michaela offered me the opportunity.  Her interpretation of my health was fantastic.  She uncovered lots of information on my family's medical history which was totally accurate including things that I had not thought about previously.  She also interpreted something that I didn’t initially agree with, but on reflection I realised that she was actually correct and it’s something I need to work on.  She also  gave me lots of other advice in regards to my food choices and lifestyle which I have taken on board.  I would definitely recommend Michaela for this service.


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