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One to One

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Jumpstart your digestive health, with a plan

One which fits your unique lifestyle, supports your specific health goals & is achievable. For women over 40 struggling with these & other digestive complaints.

Feeling bloated or uncomfortably full after meals

Craving certain foods

Suffering from food sensitivities

Been given a diagnosis of IBS/IBD, Crohn’s, Coeliac disease; or acid reflux.

If you feel sluggish, lack energy and know you need to change something but don’t know where to start and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by it all, you need expert nutrition advice and support. I can help you get the transformation you're looking for.

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are key to achieving your health goals

Personalised Packages

Like a detective, connecting pieces of a puzzle, I gather information about your current and past symptoms, medical and health history, looking for the root causes and identifying any imbalances or deficiencies in your diet. I consider your specific health goals and together we form an achievable diet and lifestyle plan, to suit your unique needs.

Personalised Packages are key to achieving your health goals, there is no One size fits All.  Similarly, just as you wouldn’t expect to confidently play piano after a single lesson, I offer packages, enabling me to work with you over a period of time using motivational and accountability tools to help you get the results you deserve.  From experience, I’ve found 12 weeks is optimal for implementing new habits, making them routine and seeing tangible results. However, some of my packages do start from 6 weeks.

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How it works

Most consultations take place online, via zoom or phone, occasionally we meet face-to-face.  Your free 30 minute Gut Rescue call is our first exploratory conversation: about your health issues, what you want to achieve and an opportunity for us to assess whether my services fit your needs. If we decide to work together, you’ll receive an in-depth questionnaire and Food Diary to complete ahead of your first consultation.


This initial consultation usually takes an hour, during which time you’ll be asked detailed questions about current health concerns, symptoms, any diagnosis and treatment, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medication and/or supplements.

Afterwards, we’ll work together to create a personalised diet & lifestyle plan based around your unique health goals, which may include supplementation. Alongside the wisdom of naturopathy and nutrition, I employ evidence-based research and knowledge, as taught by CNM (the College of Naturopathic Medicine).

During follow-up appointments (usually lasting about 30 minutes), we discuss your progress and whether adjustments are required. Sometimes, functional testing may be recommended, either with a professional laboratory or your GP.

Take the first step. Book your FREE (30mins) Gut Rescue call here.

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My Listen to your gut 
Transformation Packages

Enable you to regain control of your gut and overall health. They are:

  • structured and achievable

  • educate you in which foods offer best nourishment for your body

  • overcome any barriers and limiting beliefs you may have

  • offer you tools to improve sleep, cope with stress and feel more energised.

Guidance and support is available throughout, to rebuild your resilience, confidence and health so you’ll feel vibrant again. As you banish the tummy grumbles and learn which foods are right for you, your gut and overall health will improve. You'll have more energy to power through your day and forget to worry about where the nearest toilet is.

Michaela Hope
Michaela Hope

Functional Tests

If recommended, clinical tests are an additional investment. They may be useful for base-line measurements, to understand progress or rule out dis-ease. We do not diagnose. 

Functional tests may include analysis of saliva, blood, urine or stool, such as: Gut microbiome analysis; Thyroid, adrenal & stress hormone tests; Well Woman health checks; Food intolerances and/or nutritional insufficiencies.

Prioritise yourself. Now is the time to invest in your health. I’d love to help you become happier, healthier & more energised.

One to one

In my experience, the best way to get lasting results is to work with clients over a period of time. 

Optimally, 12 weeks allows us to develop a diet & lifestyle plan together, which fits your unique lifestyle

and focus on your specific health issues and goals.

You’ll have ongoing support whilst implementing your new healthy habits.

Personalised 1-2-1 Packages typically include

In-depth Health & Lifestyle Assessment

(medical history; current state of health; contra-indications e.g. current medications and/or supplements)

Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation (if relevant)

Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan (based around your health goals)

Follow-up consultations (usually online/by phone)

Mini progress reviews

Email support

Supplement Recommendations (if applicable)*

Clinical Test Recommendations (if applicable)*

Information to support recommendations

Coaching and Motivational support throughout the package

Your investment starts from £350 and is dependent on the length of package and level of support required. * Clinical Tests may highlight possible infections; provide valuable information about nutrient absorption and immune health status; or help me advise on Supplements to support your progress – both cost extra.

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​Choosing the right One to one 
Gut Transformation Package 

After the initial in-depth Health & Lifestyle Assessment, the Follow Up Sessions (from 15 to 60 mins depending on your chosen service level) are scheduled. Your progress is monitored so that you become accountable and stay on track. If necessary, adjustments are made to your Diet & Lifestyle Plan at a pace to suit you.

The last session will include an overall Progress & Results Review, plus a clear direction for moving forwards.

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Frill Free

12 weeks

Designed to help awaken your inner health guru, you’re encouraged to take small steps towards becoming more energised and happier.  If you need nutritional advice, help with goal-setting but minimal coaching, this is for you.

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12 weeks

Ideal if you’re generally healthy but developed some bad habits so want help to get back on track. Gain a deeper understanding of your gut, new tools, diet & lifestyle tips. Improve your energy & sleep.

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Fine Fettle

12 weeks

My most popular package aims to have you feeling fabulous! For those with more complex health issues. Intense weekly support, mind-gut health education & motivation to transform your digestive health. Implementing long-lasting diet & lifestyle habits daily.

Take the first step
Book your 30 minutes FREE mini Gut Health Review

The power of holistic medicine tools I use to help you


A system of health care which encourages & promotes the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms


Consistently choosing the right foods for you impacts your gut & overall health & welbeing


Windows to the soul’, iridology is using the iris to identify potential health risks & promote wellbeing

Energy Medicine

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy translated through you. Practical yet simple ways to create shifts

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