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Modern Energy Tapping

Training& Workshops

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Modern Energy Tapping Training& Workshops

Energy Tapping is one of the most useful resources anyone can have for their journey into personal development and self-healing. It’s a fantastic, easy to use self-help tool everyone can learn and use for dealing with many issues – from low self-esteem to travel sickness and anxiety over exams or major life changes such as relocation.


Tapping is for you if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or ‘just too tired’. Lighten your load and regain your mojo with this easy-to-learn self-help tool. I often use it in my Gut Health Transformation programmes to support my clients with changing their diet and lifestyle habits as well as for stress management.

Ever heard this Chinese proverb?

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"

Empower yourself.
Learn how to easily and effectively overcome any life issues that are getting you down!

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Energy Tapping

As a qualified Energist and Trainer with the Guild of Energists (GOE), I offer:

Positive Energy Course

Cost: £229

A one-day training that teaches you how to transform your life – you’ll learn how to release stress, heal emotional wounds, access your inner wisdom and create positive experiences with yourself and others. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing, happiness and success in all areas of life

Length: 1 Day

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Community Energy Healer

Cost: £15

Experience the Joy of Modern Energy and gain the confidence and experience you need to start being an Energy Healer in YOUR Community. Live, exciting and uplifting.

Length: 1 Day

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Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course

Cost: £185

Rewarding as well as fun, this workshop is about self-empowerment. Re-energizing yourself. Learn how you can experience more joy and increase positivity in your daily life with Modern Energy Tapping. Complete beginners welcome!

Length: 1 Day

Course content

Energy EFT Master Practitioner course

Cost: £500

More suitable for people who already Tap or practitioners who want to develop their skills and become Energists as previous knowledge of basic EFT is recommended. The Energy EFT Foundation is a prerequisite for Energy EFT Master Practitioner and Energy Trainer certification.

Length: 3 Days

Course content

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