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Practitioner Course

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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

A previous knowledge of basic EFT is a good idea for this course.

This course also includes many opportunities for the student to work with their own energy reversals using new techniques, new protocols and new exercises. EFT Master Practitioners walk their talk! The flagship EFT certification from the GoE, written by Silvia Hartmann, this course is the result of 14 years work and research into EFT and Energy Work. It represents a paradigm shift in how EFT is taught and used.


Typically run over 3-4 days in small groups, this course may tailored to suit your unique needs if desired. It is available in several formats (individual/group/bespoke/flexible dates). Please book a call to discuss your options.

Recommended for: Existing EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field; Individuals who wish to become professional EFT practitioners; Professional healers and therapists wishing to add Modern EFT to their tool box of techniques and those who love EFT, are excited about its practice and  potential and wish to take EFT to the next level.

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Course content
Four units

This course includes 12 modules, taking you through from Novice to Advanced in an easy and understandable way, with each module building upon the skills learned in the previous one. All 12 modules must be taken as there are 45 key core skills to be mastered before you can be certified. Certification is by continuous assessment during the training sessions; you may be asked to complete additional work if you do not reach the required standard during the course.

Unit One: Discovering EFT

Unit Two: Reversing Energy Body Stress

Unit Three: The EFT Story

Unit Four: The Professional EFT Practitioner

Unit Five: Extremely Focussed Treatments

Unit Six: Working with Aspects

Unit Seven: Emotions and Energy

Unit Eight: Events

Unit Nine: Mind Changes

Unit Ten: Energetic Relationships

Unit Eleven: Autogenic Reality

Unit Twelve: The EFT Master

Additional reading is required: Events Psychology and Emotions and Feeling by Silvia Hartmann.Your course fee includes a very comprehensive manual which will act as a reference in the future

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One Training -
One Entire Year Of Benefits!

Upon completion you'll be awarded either 1 year’s GoE Professional Membership OR 1 year’s GoE Standard Membership.  If you’re already a GoE Member then your membership will be extended depending on the type of membership you hold. You’ll receive your Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certificate from your trainer.


£500 includes 3 day training, full colour book, attendance certificate, 1 years Standard Membership of The Guild of Energists. Payments online by Card or Bank transfer.

Pre-Requisites: Energy EFT Foundation Day

Featuring many paradigm shifting approaches, techniques and brand new methodology, the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner course is information rich, exciting and engaging, bringing the promise and spirit of EFT to life in whole new way.

Registration & Payment:

Registration is required a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the date to ensure you receive your Course materials on time. to check availability and reserve your place on the next workshop

Book & Pay

Cancellation Policy:

You will be reserved the right to a full refund during the first 14 days after your payment has been received. Thereafter, no refunds are possible. However 100% of your fee will be credited towards your book of either a future course or private EFT consultation sessions within 12 months of the date of cancellation.

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