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At home

These step by step programmes are perfect if you’re ready to make some positive changes.  On offer are a number of personalised, bespoke programmes to suit your health needs, budget and lifestyle.


Choose from Quitting Sugar in 7 days, a 14 Day Cleanse or another, seasonal Challenge.

Ideal to buy as a gift for a friend or yourself to try out at home

Hopes Holistic Health Logo

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online programme

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14 Day Cleanse


Ideal for you if you’re feeling tired and need a nap by 3pm, rely on caffeine and sugar to get you through the day but don’t know what to do to turn it around.

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Quit Sugar in 7 Days


Most of us know we eat too much sugar but what we don’t know is how best to kick the habit. If you’re experiencing sugar cravings, would love to trim down a little and improve your energy this programme is ideal  In just 7 days.


Sign up and you’ll receive an E-Book containing Tips how to break the sugar addiction, understand how to cut it out and easy swaps you can incorporate daily into your diet.

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